International Journal of Contemporary Composition (IJCC) is an online peer-reviewed open-access journal.

Open-access publishing proposes a relatively new model for scholarly journal publishing that provides worldwide, free access to the full-text of all published articles. Open access allows all interested readers to view, download, print any article without a subscription, enabling far greater distribution of an Author's work than the traditional subscription-based publishing model. IJCC provides an international publication platform for the worldwide musical academic audience, as well as for performing musicians, including orchestra conductors.

IJCC music journal publishes studies on new music, music theory, music practice, music analysis, academic music, music education, algorithmic music composition and popular music. Our online music journal presents new music composition ideas, types of musical composition, music arranging techniques, composing techniques and fundamentals of musical composition. Also, in our new journal of music, you can find original music compositions by modern music composers. The music compositions are presented as PDF score files accompanied by full free mp3s files.

We greatly encourage submission of unpublished original works by contemporary music researchers and composers, including:


  • Research articles in the fields of musical theory and analysis, history of music, musicology, music and performing arts, musical critique, musical pedagogy, musical technologies, music in medicine. Articles in other fields of music may also be considered.


  • Musical scores in any style. We also encourage Authors to submit any accompanying materials, including scores description and performing instructions.


IJCC is an international journal and the languages of the journal are English, Italian and German.




The Impact Factor

of  IJCC: 2.7